Jean Connaughton        Boston University, College of Fine Arts
“Meg is the ideal designer: she’s professional and reliable, her designs are creative and imaginative, and she maintains an open and collaborative dialogue with her clients. Her designs achieve the perfect balance between being aesthetically pleasing, while communicating clearly to the intended audience, and her friendly and dedicated approach makes her a valued colleague.”

A. Everett Waldman        Stanmore Development, VP of Operations

“Not only does Ms. Marshall personify the creativity and imagination that one demands of a designer, but her listening skills, turn-around abilities and timeliness separate her from other designers we have used in the past. When working with her, I know I will not be wasting time on the ‘back-and-forth’, but instead, only eagerly await her finished product knowing it will represent my project exactly the way I wish.”

Jared Jaffe       Push44, VP Merchant Relations

“The only thing brighter than Meg’s sparkling personality is her future in graphic design and creative services. I’ve worked with Meg for a little over a year now on a wide variety of projects, and she has surpassed my expectations every step of the way. Meg is incredibly talented, very professional and always gets the job done to the best of her ability. Given her impressive set of skills and intangibles, I have no doubt that Meg will continue to thrive as she forges ahead in her career.”

Matt Marshall        Salmon & Marshall, Co-Founder
“Working in commercial real estate my business requires a creative marketing approach and flexibility which Marshall Creative Design has provided for me.  Meg has the ability to meet my deadlines with exceptional work that has generated
a positive response from my clients”